Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning of the "New" "Revived" "No Excuses" Blog

One of the things I find causes writer's block is that I have so much to talk about and can't seem to settle on any one thing so I end up writing nothing. Since this is the beginning of my revived blog, let me tell you about my day today which was spent "reviving" me!
I started out by visiting my friend Rebecca Ellis who is a make-up artist. I met her last year when I started working on contract with the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. She does wonderful make-up and I recommend her and provide her contact info in my "Helpful Information" packets that I give to clients. Rebecca refined my eyebrows and undid some of the damage done last year by someone else at my former hair salon.
That appt was timed so that I could run up the street to see Allison Weatherly at Looks, my new stylist. My hair had become so damaged from dryers and hot rollers that it had reached a crisis when I first saw her several months ago. She gave me a regimen of diet and products and a "no heat on hair" rule and an interum cut that kept my hair pretty much in a clip all summer. Today, we refreshed my color, cut in a new style that takes advantage of my weird hair curl and doesn't require heat. I am one happy girl right now.
I went home in the middle of the day!!!! and had a healthy bowl of home made chicken soup and brown rice and then pit-stopped at the Studio to check phones and emails before going to the Pearl Spa where I finally used the very generous gift certificate I received in March as a thank you from the Business Women's Network of Howard County for all the work I did to organize the Girl's Night Out - Redfined scholarship fundraiser. I experienced the ultimate in pampering as I went thru the 7 steps of the Hammam treatment. Right now as I write this, I feel so relaxed and energized at the same time! I'm not sure if I should go home and eat dinner while vegging with NCIS and Mark Harmon or do the silk painting I promised myself I'd do today.
To prove that I did do something productive today in addition to pampering myself for the first time in years, the silk I ordered for a client's window treatments came in, I did some email business, returned some phone calls....have an interesting project coming October bride is planning a Masquerade Ball wedding. She ordered a costume over the internet and wanted some changes made to personalize it but the volunteer work that was done is not acceptable so she's coming to see me for miracles.
I've got some other interesting things on the horizon but I'll save those for tomorrow; going home to curl up with Mark Harmon is it just me or is that Tony character on NCIS just the most obnoxious egotistical jerk on TV right now?

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