Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday!

So, today is Monday. Sometimes as hard as I try to think of it as the beginning of a brand new week and all that happy stuff, the Mondayness of Monday gets in the way.
I just couldn't seem to work up a lot of enthusiasm this morning. Usually when the sun pours in my kitchen window it makes me feel happy, the smell of fresh coffee brewing perks me up and plans and details of what needs to be accomplished this day swirl thru my mind. I keep my "frogs" binder open and jot them down as they occur. I whiz around the house doing all the "daily routine" stuff and then get ready to come to the Studio in a really good place mentally.
Today, that just didn't seem to work. The sun was there, the coffee, the routines. But I just couldn't seem to get excited. Maybe part of it was that I took yesterday off and altho I really enjoyed going to the Renaissance Festival, I was feeling guilty and behind in my work. And there was dealing with the residue of Sunday.
While I was at Renn Fest having a great time seeing all the shows, checking out the vendors, eating oysters at O'Shucks and just generally having fun; our dog literally locked himself in my room. To pass the time, he dumped out the laundry and the wastebasket. In attempts to free himself, he tried to open the door with his mouth but only succeeded in locking the doorknob and chewing the H*** out of it. He also decided to create bed for himself by emptying the storage bin of winter clothes I had gotten down to sort later this week. He apparently got hungry because he ate the plastic bin. I cleaned most of it up last night but at 9pm didn't feel like dragging out the vacuum. So, I did that this morning and packed up all the stuff that now had to go to the cleaners because they were covered with dog hair and drool.
On the plus side, I did bake off some muffins and bagged some sprouts to bring for my lunch.
When I got to the Studio, there sat all the stuff I didn't do yesterday just waiting for elves came in to take care of it for me. Maybe I should switch from making clothes to making shoes? I had been feeling kinda fired up about creating some cool stuff and thinking of all the things I would like to make and there was that pile of paperwork that needed to be dealt with. It was like having a wet blanket tossed at me.
Thank goodness tomorrow is Tuesday!

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