Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So far today I have been fabric shopping (a favorite activity) for some client materials, then rushed back to the studio to discover the bees who have been building a nest in wall of my office have broken thru!!! A frantic call to my landlord got him over here asap. One look and he was on the phone locating a "bee guy" who is supposed to be here shortly to deal with the bees. Hopefully by tomorrow my studio will be a "Bee Free" zone.
In between discussions with my hottie landlord Joe (he likes to be called that) about the bees and politics I met with Cindi Carter of the Cancer Support Foundation to select hats to wear for her upcoming videos to promote some fundraisers. There will be 4 videos, each highlighting a different event/location so the hats we selected reflect each location. I hope you're on her mailing list so you get to see them. I made a black velvet drape for her, too, so the focus is all on the hats.
Armando left a few minutes ago; it only took a little while to nail down all the details for the angel costume. It's gonna be FAB!!! A strong yet sensuous cross between Athena and a Christmas angel. After the shoot in November, it will be on his website for the film producton company he runs, Xterminating Angels.
Now I have to finish getting ready for my monthly Mastermind meeting!

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