Tuesday, May 6, 2014

June 6th Silk Scarf Paining Party -A Look in to the HIstory of The Silk Road

Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio is having a Silk Scarf painting party June 6th.  Examining the history of the The Silk road is an interesting way to see how different cultures use the silk fiber.   Rhea L. Combs' article Combs, Fashion at the Silk Road Festival states the Silk Road stretched from China east to Korea and Japan also to India and then South to Turkey and Italy.(Combs, 2008)  The Silk Road was the bridge between western culture and eastern Culture.  In China silk was used to clothe the emperor, fishing nets, paper, and musical strings.(Kurin, 2014) www.collegefashion.net  discussed the fashion history of scarves and how they were used. One example of historical uses, in ancient china warriors used their scarves to identify their military ranking. (Rachel, 2011) Women did not start using scarves as fashion accessories in Europe until 1800s.  The fashion trend for summer of 2014 is Hand painted silk scarves in bright colors. Based on the www.silkscarvesblog.com silk scarves add elegance, grace, and color to the wardrobe. What makes our craft party experience unique is the people who participate design their own silk scarf and leave with one of a kind fashion accessory .  

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