Saturday, September 19, 2009

I finally got the estimate done for the Rainbow wedding the other day and am waiting for the bride to get back to me. I'm so hoping we come to agreement on it because I really want to create a Rainbow wedding gown!
I've been doing a lot of alterations for the past few weeks for a lot of people. One of my alteration customers came in yesterday to pick up her jacket and then asked about a 1980's costume for a dance party she and her husband are going to next week. We went thru the racks of costumes and tried on a bunch of stuff, finally settling on a 2 piece ensemble of black sequin knit. There's a high slit in the skirt and we agreed that for her the slit didn't work so I came up with the idea of filling the slit with a gusset and letting it fall handkerchief style at the hem. It will look fabulous on the dance floor and will give her all the space she needs for various dance moves. She will be back on Wednesday to pick it up.
With all the alterations going thru here, I've been seam ripping, pinning and stitching my fingers to the bone. Yesterday I had some of Maggie Sansone's music playing and sort of went into "the zone". I love it when that happens; I lose track of time, get really focused, everything just seems to flow.
As I write this, Click and Clack the Tappert Brothers just came on with Car Talk. They do NOT put me in "the zone" (or at least not the right one). I am about to get up and put Maggie back on since I HATE Car Talk. I think the brothers are too full of themselves. To me they are chalk on a blackboard.....there, done!! Now I'm surrounded by sweet dulcimer music of the Celtic variety.
And with that, I'll end this and go to my work table to "zone out!"

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