Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sew with a Pro

My next Sew with a Pro class is Saturday, October 30th, 10am-noon!

I wanted to take a moment and give some more detail about this series of classes. Sew with a Pro is open to both adults and teens.

It's hands-on, interactive program designed to either:
  • build a solid foundation of sewing skills and confidence for beginners or,

  • build on that foundation for more experienced sewers.

Beginners will be assigned projects appropriate to their skill level after practicing some basics. Experienced sewers are encouraged to bring their own current apparel or home decor project. They're also welcome to work on a class assigned project.

Each lesson begins with a short informative demo on a single technique or topic and handouts reinforce each concept. Creativity is encouraged at every step as a way to personalize each garment.

With an ongoing registration process, students can join the class at any time and choose which 4 weeks work for their schedules, so the 4 weeks don’t have to be consecutive. If a class is missed the student will pick up where they left off. Students have the option of purchasing as many 4 week blocks of class time as they need.

Adults: Saturdays 10am - noon
Teens (13-18) Saturdays 1- 3 pm
Tuition: $275 for each 4 week block and includes all materials except garment projects

Bring a friend to register with you and get a 10% discount on your tuition!

For those of you who are new to the studio, all machines and equipment, as well as most materials needed for the projects, are provided to students. The only additional expense is purchasing your garment project pattern and fabric. You will be informed as to what pattern and type of fabric will be needed for your class when you register. It is suggested that each student bring a notebook and pencil.

All classes include discussions and demonstrations on appropriate fabrics, stitching techniques, proper measurements, and creative options to add personality to the garment. Pattern adjustments are made as needed for each student to insure a well fitting garment.

Advanced registration is required for all classes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Costumes for Two Stage Plays Progress on Schedule

The "Sound of Music" at Seton Keogh HS progresses. Met with Pam who’s helping with costumes so now I have the complete run-down of what they need from me. Musicals always have larger casts so there’s a lot more costume work, especially in multiples. Dramas have different types of challenges.

Speaking of dramas, I'm also deep into costume selection, fittings, and alterations for the "Miracle Worker" with Synapse Theater. Show opens October 22nd and runs thru October 31st at Slayton House in Columbia. The challenge here has been that I was called in so last minute on the costumes. Thanks to my trusty Interns and Brittany by my side I think we can pull this off and have costumes ready to go by the beginning of Tech Week on October 17th. After all, what's drama without a little drama?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Synapse Theater Presents The Miracle Worker and I Learn About the Cult of Rapture

Synapse Theater’s production of the Miracle Worker opens October 22nd! I love this show so I’m excited to be the costume designer for it. For the past 4 days I’ve been fitting actors into costumes borrowed from Port Tobacco and from my business’s costume closet. This is going to be a well dressed cast!

As much as I enjoy playing in aubergine silk, I love costumes too.

That makes my recent commission for a Cult of Rapture costume all the more interesting. It’s not in silk, but the adult sized costume for this little girl will be aubergine! Remember what I said about aubergine being the new black? Anyway, I’d never heard of the Cult of Rapture before this week, but the project should be fun!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Things are Never Boring at the Sewing Design Studio

During the first week of school I took on three student interns, one each from Reservoir High School, Springbrook High School, and Pallotti High School. My fourth, from Oakland Mills High School, joined our little club this week. These girls are all seniors looking forward to colleges and careers in fashion design. I have big plans to teach them sewing, designing, and how to run a business as we work together this year.

I ran them ragged day before yesterday removing trims, sorting costumes, laundry, prepping alterations, putting costumes back in storage. But, it's all done and proves many hands make light work. Bet they never considered this as a part of a design career!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Return From Reality

These last few months have been both “character building” and a wake-up call for the inevitable realities of life for me. Family issues have kept me traveling and unfocused. For better or for worse, things have calmed down now and I’m ready to dig back in to my business and my passion.

The timing couldn’t be better, either. With Halloween less than a month away and several shows nearing completion, I’m happily playing in fabric again! This fall, that fabric’s color is auburgine. I have two custom dresses in that color, so if anyone asks, auburgine (eggplant) is the new black.

Details to come. It’s so good to be back.