Saturday, April 25, 2009

Inspiring Fabrics

Between Group and Private lessons, I'm wiped out by teaching for 7 hours today! But what fun we all had. The kids in the afternoon class just didn't seem able to settle down to sew their various projects, so I gave each of them a piece of fabric (all different) and drawing paper and set out tons of colored pencils. They spent the rest of the class designing by the inspiration of the fabric. They moved from garments of all sorts into bedspreads and curtains to redecorating their rooms based on what they saw in the fabrics. The stuff they came up with was amazing. Sarah had a sapphire brocade and designed a dress with brass details going down the side in a very updated chemsong. Jenny did a dress and then her room while Jadah focused on combining fabrics to use the flowers in one fabric as 3-D appliques on another for a bedspread. Morgan was inspired to create a flowing top and then sketch out her plans for a sewing room at home.
Man, I love these girls! They are absolutely fearless in what they attempt to do and the results are always impressive. And I love the way these girls have bonded and encourage each other. Gives me hope for the world.

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