Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Days Tidbits...

This has been a week of meetings! I've barely touched a sewing machine all week!! But, all the driving time has been productive with ideas springing up and some new design concepts and business possibilities coming to mind while I auto-pilot.
The Laurel Board of Trade had a Business Forum on Monday night and yesterday Tim Gelles from the PG Gazette called to interview me about it. Glen Garnes had done a presentation about a new program he is trying to start called It has good possibilities if done right and could be a win-win for local consumers as well as the participating businesses.
Tuesday I met with Peg Silloway of Silloway Press about some ideas I have for sharing my skills and expertise with everyone and that was followed by a meeting with Chad at Ranazul about going into their art gallery. That looks really promising and I'm looking at a time frame of somewhere between September to November for mounting the show. I'm planning lots of goodies for that.
Someone at Business Women's Network thought it would be a nice change of pace to have a breakfast meeting! I am NOT a morning person so getting there at 7:30 am was a challenge but I'm glad that I met it. The meeting was great and informative. And from there I had to rush to the Laurel Board of Trade Ex. Bd meeting back in Laurel! Most of the discussion was about the upcoming Main Street Festival and the annual Farmer's Market that will begin in June.
And of course, if you do it once, you can do it again, so I went to the Business Seminar hosted by the Howard County Chamber of Commerce so I could learn more about Constant Contact. Much as I hate early morning meetings, it was well worth the effort. Gina gave a really informative presentation.
Altho it was only Thursday, I was feeling pretty TGIF by last night when I attended the Baltimore City Community College Fashion Design Advisory Board meeting. Sue Lenderking was there so we talked about the upcoming Dress Form workshop she's going to do here at the Studio and the possibility of adding a pants class early next year..maybe sooner. I'm happy to report that the ups and downs of the program seem to have steadied and the program is now thriving.
Today really is TGIF and I only had one meeting, sales reps came to the Studio to show me some of the most delicious embroidered silks. One of them triggered a design in my head and hopefully I'll be presenting it to you soon!

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