Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crowns and Jessica

My daughter, Jessica, invited me to go with her church group to see Crowns at the Lincoln Theater in DC this past Sunday. Wow!! what a show! The cast was fabulous and the music got your toes tapping; the energy flowing back and forth across the footlights was, well, energizing!
With all my involvement with theater over the years, I find when I go to a show I watch it on several levels and so sometimes miss things as a result. The set design for this show was simple and set pieces seamlessly flowed around the stage. The lighting was intriguing and created moods to suit each scene. Of course I spent a lot of time focused on the costumes and thought I recognized a few Butterick/Vogue vintage pieces. I loved the color choices and the style lines of each. Makes me wish we still dressed like that. I remember the elegance you felt when you put on a hat and gloves on a Sunday morning and truthfully, I miss it. The disposable clothing of today just proves that you get what you pay for and constantly replacing cheap clothes gets expensive over the long run. But I digress!
At times I watched how the lighting design changed the mood on stage, others I focused on the hats and costumes. Then I would watch how they moved the set pieces to change the scene. A couple of times I missed things in the plot because I was watching the lights.
The women in Crowns are based on black Church ladies and their hattitude as presented originally in a book of photographs and stories by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry. If you are looking for a great show this should be on your list to see.

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