Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a Week!

It's been a week of back to back to back appointments, tons of phone calls, lots of paperwork, a dental emergency and more. In between all of this, I helped out at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company's Donor Reception, did costume fittings for the Cyrano cast, celebrated my granddaughter's first birthday, was guest speaker for the Sigma Beta Phi Annual Dinner and picked up my mother from BWI to spend the weekend with us.
Thank goodness for Rebekah and Shakia who are working hard on gowns and costumes as I deal with all the administrative stuff and plan and coordinate each of our projects.
There's an interesting costume project coming up. I will be creating a replica of a WWII Navy Nurse uniform. My client has ordered fabric from the company that actually made those uniforms (and the company still has the Navy uniform contract) and our expectation is to re-create as exact a replica as possible based on photos and research information. I'll keep you posted on the progress!
Costumes for Cyrano are coming along well. So far I've been able to fit several cast members and only need minor tweaks on fit. I'm going to make all the Cadet uniforms so I'm about to purchase 100 yards of fabric for that. They are going to be soooo cool! Baldrics and all!
All the Prom dresses should be done this week, each is so different and each has it's own fitting challenges. But they should all be glorious!
Gotta run, my Mom's visiting this weekend to celebrate Samantha's first birthday and we have lots to do to get ready for the party....and I still have a class and a fitting before I leave. Yikes!

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