Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday night...

So, here I am at the Studio taking a break from winding and labeling the yarn I plan to sell at the Main Street Festival which I'm doing as I run the printer to print out copies of the Studio's brochures to take with me when I go next Thursday to be the speaker for the Sigma Beta Phi Dinner and for Main Street Festival.
The day started with meeting Kristina and Tami at EZ Storage to pull costumes for Cyrano so I came back here with a ton of garment bags and bins of shoes and hats to sort thru and start arranging fittings for.
One of the prom dress girls came in for a fitting today and unfortunately didn't have the undergarments needed to really do a fitting. We scheduled another fitting for next week with strict instructions about going to see Mary at Bra-La-La for these necessities. Shoes, too!
After all that, I worked collecting the stuff I plan to sell. I've got so much yarn and fabric and I'm running out of space! So, I've been sorting, measuring, labeling and deciding what to sell.
And the bags and boxes I ordered for the Kids Craft Kits arrived today! I love it when my suppliers ship UPS because the guy on my truck is so nice.
Okay, I guess I need to declare this break over and finish the yarn project while another 100 sewing lounge brochures finish printing....then I'm going home to eat! I'm starving.

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