Friday, June 26, 2015

Feature Friday: Our Upcoming Campaign on Indiegogo

As you may have heard, our Studio is launching a campaign this Wednesday, July 1st on Indiegogo called, "Help Save Our Costume Closet." 

The main goal of our campaign is to cover the costs of maintaining the Costume Closet for the next year, which includes the rental fees and other overhead expenses for that part of the studio, cleaning costs, and material costs for any repairs needed. We have recently implemented several new marketing tactics and slimmed down our operation as much as possible. Now we need the time and capital to see it through.

Our Costume Closet consists of rare, unique and vintage pieces, as well as complex costumes we have built in-house. Our passion is to provide beautifully built, clean, and creative costumes for schools, theatre and dance troupes, film studios, and individual clients for theme parties, galas, Renaissance Festivals, Comic Con, and beyond.

Our Studio rent is $3,000 a month and the past several months have proven difficult in making ends meet. We do not want to give up our costume closet, as it took 16 years to build, and we love it greatly. But storing these costumes takes up most of Unit J, which is half the studio and half the rent – a whopping $1,500 a month.

We have our peak seasons for the Costume Closet (Spring: Bridal/Prom, Fall: Bridal/Halloween), and the in-between months of alterations as our bread and butter. This income alone is not always enough to cover the expenses of garment building and maintenance, let alone to allow us to take that next big leap. Now we need the capital to grow and bring in the costume clientele to match the level of our custom clientele.

Please visit any of our pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) or our website ( on July 1st for the link to the campaign. There will also be a video from the Studio with more information about the campaign. If you are unable to make a donation, that's okay! Please share any post from us with your friends and family. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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