Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Iconic (but very different) Wedding Outfits

Since it's wedding season, today's Feature Friday will highlight a few iconic (but very different) wedding wear choices by women. Not everyone follows the usual white dress and that's okay, because it's great to show our individuality. Below are 5 of the most iconic, nontraditional wedding outfits brought to you by

#1 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn's bridal wear consisted of a dark broadcloth suit with a white fur collar at her wedding to Joe DiMaggio in 1954.

#2 Mia Farrow

Completely opposite to the ball gown trend at the time, Mia wore a clean, fun and perfectly mod skirt that captured the era beautifully. This was her wedding to Frank Sinatra in 1966.

#3 Yoko Ono

Yoko's unconventional outfit is a statement of her personality and individuality. A mini-skirt, blouse, knee high socks, and big floppy hat replaced the traditional wedding gown. Wedding to John Lennon, 1969 - holding their marriage certificate.

#4 Gwen Stefani

Gwen's 2002 wedding to Gavin Rossdale was a Galliano that was a dip-dyed silk faille that kept her rock image while still being a princess on her big day.

#5 Ellen DeGeneres

Zac Posen was the creator of this relaxed, elegant white pantsuit with a sheer loose top under a stylish vest. 

What did/would you wear at your wedding? Would you go the traditional route or add your own personal flair? Comment below!

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