Friday, June 19, 2015

Feature Friday: How to dress like Grace Kelly

Today's Feature Friday will focus on the fashion of Grace Kelly, courtesy of About Style.

1. The Circle Skirt

In the 1950s, Grace often wore dresses that featured a fitted bodice, a nipped-in waist and a full skirt, a silhouette known as the “New Look” made famous by Christian Dior, one of Grace’s favorite designers.

2. Simple Separates

Grace looks cool and casual as she sits on a makeup counter wearing a sleeveless black mock turtleneck and plain beige pants in 1954. The black top pops against Grace’s porcelain skin and light features.

3. Minimal Accessories

When Grace Kelly won the Academy Award for Best Actress for “The Country Girl” in 1954, she turned heads in a gorgeous sea foam gown designed by famed Hollywood costume designer Edith Head. The simple 1950's bag and minimal jewelry ground the ensemble.

4. Solid Colors

Grace often wore solid colors, specifically blue, pink, white and her favorite color yellow, like this Asian-inspired dress she wore to the Golden Globe Awards in 1956 where she won the award for World Film Favorite (Female). When shopping for a gown, select a solid color that complements your skin.

5. Simple White Shirt

Even in this casual white shirt and red-and-blue silk scarf, Grace looks stunning in this outfit circa 1955. One of Grace’s best accessories: red lipstick.

6. Tailored Pants

Just a few days before she left Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier III in Monaco in 1956, Grace wore this collared shirt with belted tailored pants that accentuated her tiny waist. With a printed scarf in her pocket and simple flats, she looks effortless and fuss-free.

7. The Kelly Bag

Originally named “sac à dépêches” when it was first produced in 1935, this Hermès bag was renamed the Kelly bag in 1956 after Grace Kelly carried it in front of her to hide her pregnancy. The Hermès Kelly bag is still one of the most coveted bags today. Can’t afford a Kelly bag? Opt for a structured vintage 1950s handbag.

8. Starlet Sunglasses

On the set of “Mogambo” circa 1953, the ingénue exudes Hollywood glamour in her dark sunglasses, pants and simple strapless top.

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