Friday, February 6, 2015

Feature Friday: "8 Things You Didn't Know About Color That Almost Seem Too Ridiculous To Be True"

Our workroom supervisor, Brittany, forwarded me this article that discussed eight very interesting (and somewhat crazy!) facts about colors. 

Courtesy of The Huffington Post

1. Until 1925, a common shade of brown was made from the flesh of Egyptian mummies.

2. The royal purple made famous by the Romans and Cleopatra was created by soaking thousands of rotten shellfish in urine.

3. The iconic yellow paint Van Gogh used in many of his paintings may have actually been partially to blame for his mental state. (Lead Paint!)

4. Red light might cause people to become stronger.

5. There was spray painting in prehistoric times.

6. The person who invented the color for Levi's blue jeans was only 21 years old.

7. Napoleon might have died because his room was green.
(The color, which was also common in kid's bedrooms, contained arsenic.)

8. A red used in royal tapestries was created with ox blood and cow manure.

I bet you didn't expect any of that - us either!

To read more about the history of colors, click here!

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