Friday, February 27, 2015

Feature Friday: Scrunchies!

Oh, the scrunchie. A must-have accessory in the 90's. A big debate starter. Yay or Nay? A love-hate relationship. What do you think?

Did you ever wonder how the "scrunchie" got its name? Today's "Feature Friday" will answer!

There are two stories floating across the internet regarding the scrunchie's emergence.

Some websites indicate that the scrunchie was invented by Phillip E. Meyers for a family bearing the name "Scrunci" in 1963.

However, other websites claim that Rommy Revson, the woman who eventually patented the product in September of 1987, named it after her poodle.

So even though we don't know who really came up with the name, we do know that the word "scrunchie" caught on from "Scrunci" because the fabric "scrunched" up.

According to the U.S. Patent, the scrunchie was invented to "add a decorative fabric covering to the rubber band to further enhance the look of the person’s hair.”

But as we all know, scrunchies weren't just holding hair in the 90's, they were worn on wrists too. They became multi-purpose fashion accessory.

Scrunchies began to fade by the 2000's and some people consider it a huge fashion DON'T. But as much as there are haters, there are lovers too.

Scrunchies are slowly re-emerging today in different colors and fabrics today. Girls are starting to wear them again, included celebrities. They haven't made there way back on wrists yet, but only time will tell.


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