Friday, January 30, 2015

Feature Friday: Blue Jean Baby

Have you ever wondered where the word "jeans" came from? Or when the first pair was worn?

Today's Feature Friday is about just that - a fashion staple for everyone around the world.

The word ‘jeans’ comes from the French phrase ‘bleu de Genes’ meaning ‘the blue of Genoa’. The denim fabric originated in the French town of Nimes and owes its name to the location, which was quickly known as ‘denim’ abroad.

Genoese Navy sailors were the first people to wear denim in the 1500’s. However. it wasn’t until the 1870’s in the gold rush boom that denim took off. 

Levi Strauss, a now well-known brand in the denim industry, created a strong style of workers pants with rivets that was quickly adopted by Californian coal miners. 

Their jeans were originally made from hemp which was proven to be uncomfortable for the workers. Levi's eventually discovered and started using the twilled cotton cloth that originated from Nimes and denim, as we know it, was born.

It became popular in culture when jeans became symbolic of protest against conformity. Worn by teenagers and young adults, they were often refused admission to movies, restaurants and other places that hadn't accepted this new trend. 

However, the disapproval didn't last and by the 1960’s blue jeans became more acceptable to wear. They were an established trend by the 1970’s.

From there, "designer" jeans became available and it eventually made its way into fashion shows. 

Denim had a rough start in culture, but once it was finally accepted, it was officially here to stay!


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