Friday, January 9, 2015

Feature Friday: 25 Timeless Style Lessons from Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn has been a style icon to many women. She represented simplicity but with a touch of elegance. Here at the studio we consider her one as well so after I coincidentally ran across an article about her online, I thought it would be perfect to share here.

Here are the 25 timeless style lessons she left us....

1. Sometimes a simple dress is all you need.

2. Gloves add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

3. Always accessorize and protect your face with a stylish hat. 

4. Striped shirts and cropped haircuts can still look super feminine.

5. Wearing a cozy nightgown and is completely acceptable.

6. A belt cinched in the middle of a dress creates a lovely shape. 

7. You can wear a crown, even if you're not royalty. Audrey knew that every woman should be treated like a princess.

8. Don't be a afraid to rock the bow tie and a suit.

9. Collared shirts never got out of style. 

10. Your bangs don't always have to be word straight across your forehead. 

11. You can never go wrong with a bold red lip. 

12. Simple color blocking creates a classic look. 

13. Take off your heels to play sports, but still look cute in that summer dress.

14. Fun, bold prints are always a go.

15. Women can wear loafers just as well as men.

16. Sunglasses literally work with any outfit - including formal ones. 

17. Take a fashion risk, and wear that unique item. 

18. Find a classic and practical bag. 

19. In order to stand out, opt for a different take on your wedding dress.

20. Skip the bikini and wear a bright one-piece bathing suit. 

21. Expertly placed dark eyeliner can soften up a short haircut. 

22. Babydoll dresses still look great as you mature. Just make sure you don't pick a dress that's too juvenile-looking, but rather one that is tastefully youthful.
23. Long lashes look ravishing on older women. 

24. Your senior years are the perfect time to break out the intricate jewelry. While it can sometimes look a little overdone on younger women, flashy earrings and necklaces add spark to a sophisticated lady's ensemble.

25. The most important lesson: Wear clothes you can be yourself in. 


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