Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Come See Us at the Frank & Gail Farmers Market on Main Street

This Thursday from 9am to the afternoon we are going to start participating in the weekly Laurel Board of Trade's Frank & Gail Farmer's Market that will be occurring all summer on Main Street.  This week we'll be selling scarves, bath sachets, moth bags (great for keeping your winter clothes fresh all summer), and notecards, among other things.  We are keeping it simple for this event, leaving the full garments behind and just bringing accessories like purses and aprons that people can take away easily.

We've visited the Farmer's Market every week since it opened for the summer to show our support as customers, so we're excited to play our part as vendors this week. There is always some form of entertainment via Deb Randall, artistic director and founder of Venus Theatre, other vendors like us sell jewelry and other items, and the food is (of course) delicious.

I will be there with one or two of our newest interns, and we'd love to meet you and get some feedback on our stock, what we can bring more of, and what people might want to see in the future. I'll be Tweeting and Facebooking pictures all day, or come on over and check us out for yourself!

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