Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Faces at the Studio

Our little family is growing!

We are about to start gearing up for a huge project with the White House Historical Association (more on that later), so we started looking for some people we could call on as over hire to help if and when things start to get hairy.  At first that's all we were looking for, but the women we found have been so great to work with that they've been coming in almost every day since they started working with us.

If you are privy to our email newsletter, you know about Barb, a good friend of Marilyn's and costume director for the Mt. Hebron High School theater department. Barb started working regularly with us about two months ago, but we have since added two new faces to our midst, in Katrina and Meghan.  Katrina is our pink-haired steampunk lady with a million ideas for expanding our upcycle collection, and Meghan is a (very) recent transplant from the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech.

We're so glad to have these interesting, talented women bringing in their own styles and opinions as we grow and change.  If you come by the Farmer's Market most weeks (Thursdays 9-2), I will be at our booth with one or several of those ladies helping me out.  Come on over and say hello!

Meghan and Marilyn in our first week at the Farmers Market

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