Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Costumes for Two Stage Plays Progress on Schedule

The "Sound of Music" at Seton Keogh HS progresses. Met with Pam who’s helping with costumes so now I have the complete run-down of what they need from me. Musicals always have larger casts so there’s a lot more costume work, especially in multiples. Dramas have different types of challenges.

Speaking of dramas, I'm also deep into costume selection, fittings, and alterations for the "Miracle Worker" with Synapse Theater. Show opens October 22nd and runs thru October 31st at Slayton House in Columbia. The challenge here has been that I was called in so last minute on the costumes. Thanks to my trusty Interns and Brittany by my side I think we can pull this off and have costumes ready to go by the beginning of Tech Week on October 17th. After all, what's drama without a little drama?

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