Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Latest Costume Project

I'm working this Spring with the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company and I'm really excited! This is not only a talented group of people to work with, they pride themselves on also being professional and considerate and respectful to each and every person involved in the production from interns to "stars." Actually, at last night's meeting, no one acted "starry," even when I was measuring for their costumes.
CSC is entering their 6th season and performs at the Patapsco Female Institute. I've never had an opportunity (okay, I did have many, but always had to work to meet a deadline) to see one of their productions, but the word in the Green Room is "great!" This year they will be doing 2 shows in repertory (when 2 or more shows rotate appearing during the season) I'm doing costumes for Comedy of Errors and I met Kristina Lambdin last night who will be doing the same for The Tempest.
I'll keep you posted on the costume progess, show dates and ticket info as we move along on the production. And by the way, I highly recommend the Tiber River House, a restaurant in Ellicott City!

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