Friday, August 14, 2015

Feature Friday: How to Pack a Travel Capsule

It's mid-August and summer will be on its way out soon. Do you plan on getting one last trip in before the leaves change? Today's Feature Friday gives you some packing tips as you head out on your last summer trip for the year!

Step One: Make a list.
I know, I know...a lot of people hate making lists! But when it comes to packing, it can really be a lifesaver! Those little no-brainer items are usually the ones we all forget!

Step Two: Choose garments that can be paired to create more than one outfit.
Pack some solid colors that can be paired interchangeably with other items so you can have less in your suitcase!

Step Three: Be a lightweight.
Leave behind pieces with bulky linings or heavy embellishments. Think thin and opt for pants made of polyester-rayon or acetate-spandex. Also, stretchy jeans or jeggings can take up half the space of regular denim.

Step Three: Check the weather!
Are you going to run into rain? Mild winds at the beach? It's always good to check the weather before a trip but to play it safe, always pack at least one light jacket or cardigan!

Step Four: One dressy item won't hurt.
You never know if you'll end up going to a fancy restuarant or event. It could be a spur of the moment thing! Always pack at least one non-casual outfit. So many times I traveled and we ended up going somewhere!

Step Five: Shoes, shoes, shoes!
Make sure you pack a pair of good walking shoes if you're going to be doing a lot of walking. Don't forget your sandals too - not only for the beach - but it's a quick take off/put on at the airport if you have to go through security clearance! And lastly, throw in that pair to go with you dressy outfit.

In addition to these tips I've given you, check out this great website below that features several lists depending on your travel style.

Functional & Fashionable Packing List

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