Friday, May 8, 2015

Feature Friday: Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the perfect shoes to slip on as you're running out the door. More comfortable than heels for a busy day of shopping, and yet are just as classy as a pump!

Today's "Feature Friday" will focus on the lovely shoes that continue to live on as something every girl should have (at least one pair of) in their closet.

Ballet flats have been in style for many centuries and naturally, they were inspired by the shoes dancers wore. They first appeared in the 16th Century, before heels were even invented. Flats remained popular until Catherine de Medici, Queen of France from 1547-1559, wore the first pair at her wedding.

Ballet flats were reintroduced in 1947 with the help of Rose Repetto. She crafted her first ballet flat, now known as the timeless Repetto ballet flat, for her son Roland Petit, a renowned dancer and choreographer.

Her ballet flats immediately became popular among professional dancers. After French actress and animal activist Brigitte Bardot wore a pair of Repetto’s flats the trend of the ballet shoe launched into iconic status. (Photo above)

They continued their popularity in the 1950's  and 60's as well, where actresses like Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing them all the time, as it was her shoe of choice! Television actresses like Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball were also fans of the shoe and could be seen wearing them quite often on their shows!

Today's generation of women consider actresses of the 50's and 60'sto be fashion icons which has kept fashion trends, like the ballet flat, alive and going strong.

The History of the Ballet Flat 
The History of the Iconic Ballet Flat

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