Friday, April 17, 2015

Feature Friday: Bridal Season

As you know, wedding and prom season is here! This means many, many, many dresses! We currently have 30 gowns in the Studio and more coming in next week!

For this weeks Feature Friday, I decided to talk with Brittany, the Workroom Supervisor, about what trends are in this year and what it's like to work on wedding gowns.

How would you sum up this wedding season?

B: We've seen a variety of bridal dress styles this year, which is really exciting.

What would you say is a popular style this year?

B: The body hugging dress, similar to what Duchess Kate wore at her wedding and her sister, Pippa's gown. 

What about specific designs on the dress itself?
B: Appliques, pearls, and lace have been really popular. 

Would you say the gowns this year are more strapless or have sleeves?
B: Definitely more sleeves this year, or thicker straps. There's not as many strapless this year.

And dress color?
B: Champagne is popular, but no dress has exactly the same shade. We also have a red wedding gown this year!

Where are clients getting their gowns from this year?
B: Most of our clients have purchased their gowns from consignment or at the Brides Against Breast Cancer Expo. Then they bring it to us so we can make it into their dream dress!

And the bridesmaid dress color this season?
B: A lot of peach and shades of pink. Many jewel tones as well. We've also seen a lot of jewel tone dresses for prom this year!

What is one thing you can say about working on wedding gowns?
B: No matter how many dresses I've worked on, which have been a lot, it's still (and always will be) scary when doing hems. We always check and RE-Check everything we do before we do it!

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