Friday, December 12, 2014

The Most Popular Colors in Fashion this Winter Season

Have you noticed a lot more of certain color garments at the store this year? I have too. I visited the website, We Connect Fashion, and got a list of the top 10 colors this winter season.

Are you ready? Here goes!

Color 1: Crimson

"Crimson sets a darker mood for the season with deeper casts of red, offering the most dramatic take on red this season."

Color 2: Cranberry

Cranberry presents a warm and bright cast of red, which serves as a lighter alternative to wine.

Color 3: Teal

"Set to blue-green undertones, teal adds diversity to a line-up of jewel colors."

Color 4: Orchid

Set to either purple or blue undertones, vibrant casts of orchid become the purple hue of the season.

Color 5: Honey Mustard

"Honey mustard is the most season-appropriate yellow hue with golden casts."

Color 6: Blood Orange
"Although orange isn't quite as powerful as its been in recent seasons, the major expression this season becomes a bright, saturated blood orange with red undertones. Featured especially in New York and London collections, the hue remains a must on head-to-toe looks and is often leveraged with sport reference."

Color 7: Cobalt

"Cobalt pushes forward as a seasonal must-have across all major runway cities. The bright and sometimes electric jolt of color has proven to be a commercial hit that remains relevant."

Color 8: Toffee

"Although not a widespread base color, toffee offers variation from camel tones with golden brown undertones."

Color 9: Dusty Rose

"Dusty rose offers a more subdued alternative to pastel shades."

Color 10: Peachy Nude
"Warm casts of peachy nude move forward from last season, becoming an easy-to-wear soft neutral."

What do you think about the results? I personally own every color except orchid. The specific shades of blue and purple surprised me on the list! 

Source: F/W 14/15 Women's Color Seasonal Guide

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