Monday, September 2, 2013

What we wore: Brittany's and Meghan's Weddings

On two different NYC trips, Meghan and Brittany bought fabric for later use, and what better excuse to make a dress than your sewing studio coworker's wedding? Marilyn joined in the fun and created a dress for herself for Meghan's wedding.   It was great fun knowing no one else would have the dresses we wore, and we had full control over fit and style.  

At Meghan's Catholic wedding in Raleigh, NC:
Brittany and Marilyn
At Brittany's outdoor waterfront wedding in St. Mary's County, MD:
Marilyn, Meghan, Meghan's soon-to-be husband Nick, and two of our friends who also got married that June

A closer look at Meghan's dress, which also served as her rehearsal dinner dress: 

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Debbi said...

Beautiful dresses, beautiful ladies, beautiful weddings!