Monday, July 15, 2013

Sewing and Organizing Tips: Tuesday Tips Round II

Every week we post "Tuesday Tips" around our various social media networks.  Our first ten can be seen here.  Our next ten are as follows:

11.  If you develop a burr on your machine needle, you can file it off with the fine side of an emery board.

12.  If your machine needle gets gummed up from sewing through fusibles or glue, wipe it all down with a cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol

13.  If you need a stitching guide on your throat plate, blue painters tape is a good solution - clearly visible and won't leave adhesive residue when removed

14. Sometimes a pair of pants, skirt, or dress fits perfectly but it is just too darn short with not enough hem allowance to let it down the usual way. Here's one way to help with that: Let down the old hem and press out the hem crease, serging the raw hem if necessary.

15. Another way to help let down a hem without enough seam allowance to do the usual way: Sew matching color seam lace to the edge of the fabric on the right side, then fold the seam lace under and stitch in place to create a new hem.

16. Another way to help let down a hem without enough seam allowance to do the usual way: Use matching or contrasting double bias fold tape to encase the raw edge and create a finished hem effect.

17. For buttons without shanks, place a toothpick or pin between the fabric and button. Loop thread around the pin and sew the button on normally. Once the button is on, take out the pin. There will be enough room left between the button and fabric to loop your thread around to create a thread shank.

18. When trying to get chalk or marking pen out of fabric, use only unbleached fabric. Bleach can be activated by water, so when you're rubbing at your marked fabric the bleach could soak through and ruin your fabric.

19. When trying on clothing at the store, your side seams should fall straight down the side of your body. If the seam pulls toward your bust or backside, it is too small.

20.  Keep your pins in different pin cushions (silk pins separate from quilting pins, etc.) so they don't get lost

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