Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Today is our Fearless Leader's birthday!!  Around the studio, we're all constantly talking but it always seems like Marilyn has the best one-liners.  In honor of her birthday, we've collected our favorite Marilyn quotes, some in context and some not so much...

"The coffee doesn't look right...  Nope, I can't even drink this." (After accidentally making a new pot with the old grinds)

"Made in China... As I suspected."

Us: "Marilyn, I have a question about ((ANYTHING))" Marilyn: "Have you checked the wall yet?" (And there it is)

"Do we have coffee yet?"
"I need coffee."
"Thank you to whoever made the coffee!"

"Now ladies, we need to keep the toilet seat down!"

"You won't lose anything on prom night!!" (Talking about the beads on a client's dress ;))

"Where are all of the pencils??"
"Where are all of the scissors??"

"The dress forms' names are Judith, Rachel, and Molly."

"He looks like a Trevor."
"She looks like a Suzie Q."
"She looks like a Natalie."  (all about our new mannequins)

"What is the dress telling you?"
"The dress doesn't want to do that..."

Us: "Marilyn, we have a shark costume???" Marilyn: "And there's a matching hood upstairs."

"Have you SEEN ((fill in the blank show that only airs at 3 AM))????"

"Who left the lid open on the cookies?? Don't you know I can't walk by now and NOT eat a cookie??"

"The other day I was craving junk food so I ran right out and bought a can of cashews!"

Us: "Marilyn, do we have ((fill in the blank any off-the-wall thing))?" Marilyn: "Of course, it's over here"

"As soon as we get rid of it, you know someone is going to walk through the door asking for it!"

"That's why everything is on wheels!"

(every day, arriving at work) "Well, now my entire house is clean."

And the most fitting for today,
"There are no calories in foods consumed on birthdays and holidays!"

Thank you Marilyn for all of your help, support, and encouragement that no question is a stupid question.  We love you and hope you have a fantastic birthday!!

-The Girls

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