Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback Friday: Gettysburg Trip

Last December, we took a Studio field trip up to Gettysburg to do some shopping and looking around.  We get frequent requests for military uniforms, so we thought the local sellers in Gettysburg could be a great resource, and we were right!  We got some great advice on military regalia from several of the military shops.  We expected plenty of Civil War artifacts, but what we didn't know was that most of those shops specialize in uniforms, regalia, and artifacts from all U.S. wars.

In front of our old friend Quartermaster, our source for most of the military buttons we used for the White House  1812 project. 

The millions of wonderful consignment shops were chock full of gorgeous vintage finds, and we went home with some amazing additions to the Closet. And then we played dress up!

And what is this? 

Trying to figure out the cape

Meghan is so happy.

Found a tres chic hat for Marilyn, who until this moment thought she couldn't pull off hats!

What a good looking bunch.

Our ever growing pile of takeaways

So many hats! All now available for rent!!

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