Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pink and Red and White

Here at the studio, we're celebrating Valentines Day in the little ways.  Meghan will be making roughly 1 million cookies to share with her fiance and the group, Sara will buy herself a chocolate bar and go into tech, Marilyn will make her famous chocolate lollipops for her family, and I will go on a date with my fiance ( about two weeks when my show is over.)

Our first gift to you is a week-long sale in our Etsy shop... 10% off all red items when you use the coupon code REDHOT.

And our other gift for you is a Meghan and Brittany dress update. NICK AND STEVE GO AWAY.
If you are not Nick or Steve you can get a refresher on our dress stories, since it's been awhile.

Some of Meghan's key update inspiration comes from this picture (see more on her Pinterest board):

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

And some of my key update inspiration comes from this one (and there's more where that came from):

So after months of no updates we are currently... sleeveless! And my dress is actually in five pieces so please forgive the fact that my picture prominently features safety pins.  But I promised you a dress update, and a dress update you shall have.

Here's Meghan:

And here's... not me, but my dress:

What do you think? Are we on our way to achieving our goals? How will you be spending your day today?

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