Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ghosts of Costumes Past

Hello again! So sorry for the radio silence; we've been neck deep in 1812 for the past few weeks, but we're back now, and better than ever!  We also have so many updates to fill you in on, but an important holiday must first be recognized.


We thought we would celebrate by reminiscing on some of our first and favorite costumes from our pasts, in order of years...

 In 1988 I wasn't finding and pulling my own Halloween costumes yet, but this pictures shows I clearly got my quirky sense of costume humor from my parents.  My dad, who had a sprained arm at the time, went as a one-armed jack, and my mom, who was extremely pregnant with my brother at the time, went as a bowling ball.

In 1998 Meghan's mom made her and her and brother into the cutest little candies on the block. And then ten years later, the exact costumes were worn my Meghan's mother herself and a friend. Impressive!

In 2007 Sara costume designed her first show, Ragtime, in which she was also an actor. She never seemed to have the time to make costumes for *herself,* but here are her first costumes she made for others!

Sara with her towheaded show family
In 2012, Marilyn made costumes for her granddaughter's Batman themed birthday party, in which her granddaughter was Batgirl and her baby brother was The Boy Wonder.

Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na Batgirl!

Marilyn and The Boy Wonder

What were your favorite costumes?  Do you make, rent or buy your Halloween costume from year to year?

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